A Life Of Strife


My respects to this towering life.

Not so much for the Theory

That goes by his name.

But for the life …

Its tragedy and strife.

And how he rose

To end that myth, of Creation, 

Starting some 6000 years ago

By the Big Daddy In The Sky,

Endorsed and brutally enforced

By the Church

And widely regarded in West as fact

Untill Darwin proposed. And won.

Overturned the institutionalised belief.

For all of humanity. For ever.

Charles Darwin


It Wasn’t So Long Ago

I created the graph myself with data from a Pe...

Data from a Pew Research Center study. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, seems like once upon a time.

But it isn’t. And I’d like to remember that.

Enable people to do, as well.

These uprisings are part of a series …

Of mini Bastilles, when people became aware

And arose against their own government.

And restored oligarchs to human species.

It gives me hope

Of a post-Democratic future

With non-iconic leaders

And wealth neither hoarded nor gamed.

When too big is disallowed.

Unless it’s humanity.

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