5 Brothers And A Common Wife

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Now that could lead to problems.

An understatement … It would.

Massive. Intractable too.

But they were wise, loving.

Yeah. Accomodative. Self-controlled.

They pre-empted conflict forever by setting a rule.

When one of them would be with Draupadi, the wife,

any of the other four who would enter his chamber

and see them together, whether in the act or not,

must retire into the forest for twelve years,

and pass his days as a Brahmacharin.

In celibacy.

The rule was violated only once, by Arjun,

while the eldest was consorting.

Because a Brahmana appealed to him

against robbers, who were driving his kine away.

And the man he was, Arjuna undertook the penance.

For twelve years.

Despite entreaties from the eldest, Yudhisthir,

that he was not offended,

that the rule applied

only when violated by an elder,

not by one younger to the man in his chamber.

Arjun said : ‘I have heard, even from thee,

that quibbling is not permitted in the discharge of duty.

I cannot waver from truth.

Truth is my weapon.’

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It Wasn’t So Long Ago

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Data from a Pew Research Center study. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, seems like once upon a time.

But it isn’t. And I’d like to remember that.

Enable people to do, as well.

These uprisings are part of a series …

Of mini Bastilles, when people became aware

And arose against their own government.

And restored oligarchs to human species.

It gives me hope

Of a post-Democratic future

With non-iconic leaders

And wealth neither hoarded nor gamed.

When too big is disallowed.

Unless it’s humanity.

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