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Truth Within, Shines Without

From The Upanishads

Isha Upanishad, Mantra II [ Refer here for Mantra I ]

O Man, live long
For a hundred years
Performing actions in truth
Electable and prescribed.

For, there is no other way
To avoid the ignorance
Primordially associated
With ourself and our works.

The Upanishad starts with the word, Isha ( God ) to convey the essential unity of God and the world, the being and becoming; that, life in this world is not incompatible with the life Divine if it is lived in Truth, with the renunciation it enjoins.

The mantra suggests a focus on action, not abstention, and on freedom from desire or anticipation for particular results out of the works we perform.

Form And Consciousness

The Hindu way to God is the way to his own truth. They are the only people I know of who will see an idol or any other physical…

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