Thursday Tips: White Balance

Photography is such an exciting, absorbing vocation. Here are some little known facts about it …

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White balance is, quite likely, the least discussed photographer-controlled setting in digital photography.  Due to the dramatic effect variable white balance settings have on the appearance of your images, it really should be better understood than is seemingly the case.  But while you frequently hear or read of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and focal lengths used, white balance settings are rarely revealed.

What Is White Balance?

You may have noticed, if you’re observant, that objects appear different in terms of color depending on the nature of the light in which you view them.  This, in essence, is what the concept of white balance is all about.  Our eyes (and brain) naturally attempt to adjust for light with different “color casts,” but your camera doesn’t (unless it’s set to Auto White Balance—again, more on that below).  The idea of a neutral white balance is to render objects of a given color…

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