Journal : A Traditional Fare

It’s the season … for this traditional fare !

Truth Within, Shines Without

A tradition is a family thing, possibly of a community or of a region. It is a thing we have lived with since forever, usually from even before. It could pertain to communication, attire, ritual, procedure, occasion or celebration, occupation, decoration or design, and food.


Traditions bring into our lives the ways preferred by generations, who found them meaninful and, at least in culinary matters, opportunities to perfect practices that yield immense satisfaction value and good, happy feelings. A great food preparation could settle much of the ills on our mind, if not all – a great state for taking up almost any other activity including sleep, a wonderful way to heal ourselves of residual stresses and strains.

The thought of writing this column occurred some days before while savouring a dish I have dug into all my life. It is called ” Gojha ” in my house and in our…

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